Top Five Second Hand Designer Bags in The Global Market

Most women will agree that handbags are the most hard-working and functional accessories in their closets. As a woman, you will use your bag to carry your day to day items and shield your valuable accessories from the effects of adverse weather conditions like rain and sun. Handbags will also protect your valuables from theft and damage. You may decide to polish your bag so as to enhance its look.

The challenge is that buying a new bag a very expensive and most women cannot afford the cost. No wonder most of them decide to go for preloved branded bags as most of them are usually in perfect usable conditions. You can either find them in online channels or physical outlets around you such as Louis Vuitton. The good thing is that you will always find these designer bags in various styles and colours. Here are some of the designs of second-hand bags that you can get for your use.

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  1. The Leather Day Satchel

This is basically a workhorse bag. It is a medium size bag that may not be able to accommodate all your accessories. They come in various colours depending on your choice. Some of them are made of leather material but you must make sure that you are comfortable with the size before making a purchase.


second hand chanel.The Day Clutch

A bag is a fantastic option as long as you know how to edit what stays out and what goes in. They are small bags that may only carry things like the lipstick. You could get one that has several pockets to allow you carry more accessories. The bag allows you to have a lot of fun and you can play with different colours and materials as you won’t spend much on them.


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  1. The Cross Body

The bag has a chicer appearance in comparison to a backpack yet it will allow you to carry all your accessories. Most of them have sturdy straps that you can adjust and a front flap that you can manoeuvre with a lot of ease. It should be medium size and not too heavy because a small one will not be that functional. Therefore, you need to strike a balance between a cross body designer handbag that is neither too heavy not too small.

second hand designer4.The Evening Clutch

Most people own this product because they bought it when they desperately needed the bag. Most women who buy fancy evening bags do so because a fancy occasion calls for that need. You should not wait till you are desperate before you get one because it’s obvious that you will be needed at some point. You can get yourself a simple metallic or black satin clutch in silver or gold. You could also choose one that has a clasp only or jewel.

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  1. The Straw Basket

The product represents a go-to back, especially during the summer seasons. It has a more playful design than the other bags and can accommodate nearly everything. The bags are simple but have whimsical details that give them ethical appeal and vintage work too. You can view some of these images from Louis Vuitton which is one of the leading suppliers of these products in the global market