How to Use Your Five Senses While Designing the Interior of Your Store

Most entrepreneurs in Malaysia understand the importance of involving interior designers in arranging their brick and mortar retail stores. The way you define your interior will determine the volume of sales you will make. Most shop and home interior design in Malaysia use the five sense of human beings while designing the retail stores.


Remember all the five senses in human beings perceive the condition around them. Therefore, your interior design and products should be appealing to customers in all the five senses if you want to attract them. you may avoid using one or two senses depending on the nature of your business. The most important point is that you should maximize the attraction and arrangement of your shop. You can still present your online furniture store in Malaysia in a way that it attracts customers with a lot of ease, and get some Kitchen Cabinet & House Renovation Ideas in Malaysia. This article presents a guide on how you can use the five senses to arrange your home or office.


Any interior designer will tell you that touch is a very important sense in business. Customers like to try the product before they make a purchase decision. If your shop only allows your clients to see the product and not test them, you will lose several clients. You can put in place security measures to allow the clients to test the products on the spot. Most interior designers in Malaysia will advise enhancing the sense of touch while arranging your shop, especially when choosing a perfect dining table in Malaysia.


An interior designer finds the sight to be a very easy sense to affect. You can use the sense of sight to attract customers in several ways. You can change the lighting intensity in the shop, use different colors, and arrange the products you are selling in an appealing manner. You can even adjust the products you would like your clients to spend a lot of time viewing in your online furniture store in Malaysia. The way you arrange the interior of the shop determines how long the client will view the product and whether they will make a purchase.


Scent marketing plays a critical role in interior design. If you have a shop that sells women products, you can make a feminine fragrance to rule over the place. In fact, there is a science that deals with scent marketing and some of the companies that have been taking advantage of this include Verizon, Sony and Samsung. The reason why smell is a fast track to the brain system is that it controls both your memory and emotion and these are important factors that assist in making the purchase decision.



There are several ways sellers can affect the sense of sound. The sound around you, the conversation of people or background music has a significant impact on your perception. For example, millennials like visiting shops that play upbeat music. They will not be in a hurry to get out when they visit such a shop. On the contrary, the older people tend to enjoy classical or soft music. Make sure the kind of music you play satisfies the people a large proportion of your target clients.


Most retailers who deal in consumable products make good use of the sense of taste. Let the customer taste a sample of your product before they buy. This will also show the customer that you have confidence in what you are selling. No wonder you will find an area that is fully dedicated for free samples in a place that sells consumable products.

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