Common Types of One Piece Women Swimsuits in Australia

long sleeve swimwear

Having the right motivation is enough reason to keep you at the beach. There are various designs, types, styles and variants of women’s swimwear on sale in the Australian market. First, you need to decide whether you want a one-piece swimsuit or two-piece women’s swimwear. Some of the one piece swimwear examples include the halter-necks, sling bikinis, string bodies, and the monokinis.  You can online buy Australia women’s swimwear whose quality and style matches your body style. You have to be comfortable and confident while at the beach. Some women love short sleeve while others prefer to go for long sleeve swimwear.

Most of the modifications that saw the introduction of two-piece bikinis in the market took place in the 1940’s. The popularity of the new design of one piece bathing has been on the rise. The good thing is that swimwear Australia has several products and you cannot fail to get the best women’s swimsuit as long as you do your homework well. Below are some common types of one piece swimsuit that you can find in Gypsea store online sale.

The Tank Suit

This product presents a one-piece standard swimsuit that you can find on the market. The term ‘tank’ was developed from the ‘swimming tank’ which is the traditional name for the swimming pool. The tank suit has led to the evolution of the popular tank tops and renowned tankinis that most women in Australia like to put on. A tankini consists of a bathing suit with a tank top and bottom piece of a bikini.

one piece swimsuit

Sling Bikini

The sling bikini is the other one-piece women’s swimwear Australia. The garment has side straps that extend upwards to cover the chest of the women. The straps then stretch over the shoulder so as to reach down the back all the way to the thong. The whole sides of the torso get revealed in the same manner. Therefore, the sling bikini combines the two elements of the bottom pieces and the top pieces into a single garment to become a convenient bathing suit.

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The Monokini

An Australian by name Rudi Gernreich was the brain behind the invention of the monokini swimwear in 1967. One thing that makes this one piece bathing suit to be different from the others is that it does not have a top. It is specially designed for women and only has the lower section of the bikini. Gernreich borrowed his term from the word ‘mono’ to indicate one or single. It is another variation from the original two piece designer bikini.

The other forms of one piece women’s swimwear on sale comprise of the pretzel suites, plunge fronts, tank suits, maillots, halter-necks and string body. You need to make an informed decision by taking time to research well. You should not confuse women’s bikinis with men’s bathing suit or kid’s swimwear. Each category has its specific characteristics and you need to be very couscous before making the purchase.