Climbing Kota Kinabalu In Sabah Borneo with Travel Guide

Giving yourself a holiday treat is a perfect way to relax your mind and have fun. One of the spectacular places to spend your holiday is in Malaysia. The scenic city has numerous fun activities to enjoy from. Whether you are looking forward to exploring new territories or maintain your physical fitness during your holidays, a climb to Mt Kinabalu is a perfect way to achieve all these. Climbing the mountain has been rated as one of the spectacular ways to enjoy a perfect sight of the entire county of Sabah by professional tourist’s guides and visitors.

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If you love hiking then climbing Mt Kinabalu can be an unforgettable experience. Being the highest Borneo mountain in Malaysia with an altitude of 4,095 Meters, Mt Kinabalu is one of the conquerable peaks globally. Climbing Mount Kota Kinabalu is becoming popular every day with 135 climb permits daily. To avoid any disappointments, it is highly advocated for you to book your climb way before your trip. April, June and Chinese New Year period (January to mid-February) are the peak seasons. You can refer our Kota Kinabalu travel agency here.

Apart from being the highest mountain in Borneo, Mt Kinabalu is also the highest peak in the entire south-Eastern Asia. The beauty and uniqueness of the landscape have dethawed borders by confining the mountainous territory to becoming a temporary dwelling place for many nations across the globe. This has made Malaysia one of the leading tourist attraction centres across the world.

Though it is recommended for one to have the climbing equipment ready, you can also access them from centres around the place at affordable prices. Most of the guides speak English, so you do not have to worry about that. For those who cannot communicate in English, there are also translators who will help you see your adventure a success. So you do not have any exemption for failing to travel to Sabah.

Climbing the mountain difficulty has been rated as medium. A summit climb covers 8.72km. On the first day, you will cover the first 6km which may take between 4 to 5 hours. Meals and nights are spent in mountain huts. On the second day, you will complete the remaining 2.72km to the summit which may take around 3 hours. Descending takes a day which may take between 6 to 9 hours.

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Climbing options

A climb to Mount Kinabalu Sabah, Borneo package is one of the best-preferred packages for Sabah visitors. With the 2D1N and 3D2N Borneo holidays package you can reach the summit without any challenges. The great travel package trip in Sabah. Your ascent route for these packages starts from Timpohan Gate. Your first-night destination will be 300m at Laban Rata Hut or Pendant Hut.

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You will wake up in the morning and trek to the mountain summit where you will watch the sun rise above Crocker Range. This is a perfect time to take photos and look at the sunrise when you are at the peak. During descending time, you will go down the mountain except those who had booked their packages through Ferrata package who will later proceed to complete their Walk the Torq before descending back to the Entrance Gate. And this marks the end of your thrilling adventure.


Climbing Mount Kota Kinabalu is the perfect way to make your holiday more enjoyable. Take an adventure climb to the peak of Mountain and enjoy the thrilling view of the Borneo landscape at the summit at affordable prices. Book your package today and give yourself a treat.

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