Benefits of Investing in Rencana TTDI for The Malaysia

Since the investment in Rencana TTDI is for the privileged few, you as a Malay should take this as an advantage and use it for your business or rent it out to other people for a return. You need to be sure that when you rent your space back to the holding company, you will have a 6% return annually. This investment is good because it is the most affordable compared to the neighbouring investments like the Damansara area that sells at RM800 per square foot and Mont Kiara area that sells at RM 1000 per square foot. These adjacent developments do not have a high return on investment as the Rencana TTDI.


This project is an opportunity for you to invest in the thirteen-storey building that houses various suites like the sky-based corporate suites, deluxe suites, executive suites, deluxe duplex suites, and executive duplex suites. You will also be able to make a discovery into the world of endless possibilities. Achieving your aspirations will no longer be in your dreams because you will have all types of units that are tailored to suit your requirements. You will get suites which match the size and comfort of your business. You will also make a decision of either working from the rooftop offices or the ones near the ground.

The Rencana Royale suites also offer split-level units where you can get space for relaxing when having a work break. You will have a guarantee of experiencing the convenience of accessing major shopping points like Mid Valley, Pavilion, One Utama, and the curve. The choices of the places you will access are endless. Since convenience is the primary offer from this development, you will have the LDP highway and the Penchala link for getting to your desired destinations.


Working from this investment will be an adventure. Being here will be advantageous to your health as you will enjoy the well-equipped gymnasium in the sky for getting stress out of your mind and body. You will be able to work out and burn calories out of your body.

There is also an infinity sky pool and a lounge in the same area for providing you with comfort and enjoying the chocolate-box view. You will also have the ability to make the people around you to have fresh inspiration and relax in the working environs. This will be a great way to foster relationships with business partners, clients, staff and even friends. You will be able to hold get-togethers and relax from the sky terraces as you bond. You will have a breath-taking view of the surrounding skyline.

Basking in the beauty of nature is a reality. Nature from Rencana TTDI will pose a trove of inspiration to you. The beauty of the landscaped gardens will immerse you in a world where rejuvenation is real. You will move a step close to nature with your family. When you spend quality time with your loved ones, you will get the morale that will ready you for the next work activity in your diary.

This investment will give you the best suite for ensuring comfort. You will also get convenience when you want to dine and shop in locations like The Curve and One Utama with a breeze. For sure, your business will explore the universe of endless possibilities. Visit and for more details about Rencana Royale TTDI.